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The one day collective X Expoplu #2

The One Day Collective X Expoplu #2
Participating: Danielle Lemaire, Hessel Josemans, Isabelle Bisseling

What if the mind does not know what to expect beforehand? How do we create when there is no time for over thinking and doubting?

The one day collective is a temporary art collective that exists for one day only. Artists from various disciplines are invited to form an art collective for 12 hours. They have never met before and will enter the experiment together. They start from an empty mind and an empty space. There are no rules. Trusting the moment and the endlessness of ideas, working from honest impulses and acting before the mind tries to understand.

This edition at Expoplu will be the first stop of the one day collective tour through Europe. Travelling in a camper bus seeking for the new role of the young artist in Europe. What questions do young European artists have today?


Hereby we would like to introduce the first participant of the One Day Collective X Expoplu #2: Danielle Lemaire:


Danielle Lemaire (1967, Breda) creates drawings, paintings, performances, soundworks, and graphical prints. She releases books, records, cassettes and CDs on her own label Inner Landscapes and she organizes exhibitions and live events. She also gives sound-performances and teaches drawing and painting. Danielle creates work in a concentrated and sensitive manner, in which time investment and duration play an important role.

This time investment gives the work a layered quality and ‘brings it to life’. The drawings and paintings usually contain subjects such as ’empty’ interiors in which human presence is suggested; shadows and echoes of human life. The image can also be populated with people; a (self-)portrait, people to whom a specific memory is connected, or anonymous people in a seance-like setting.

She works individually and at times in collaboration. Mostly together with Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen with whom she has a duoshow in Gallery Arti Capelli in Den Bosch from 19/3 – 29/4 and will do a residency in Kanazawa, Japan, in autumn this year.

Foto: ‘Respiration’, pencil and gold acrylic on paper, 30 x 30 cm, 2016


Hereby we would like to introduce the second participant of the One Day Collective X Expoplu #2: Hessel Josemans


Hessel Josemans is an artist based in Nijmegen the Netherlands, By putting himself in different personalities (alter ego’s) he finds ways to have a brought spectrum of disciplines. As Gustav Mosselman he creates big paintings, drawings and installations full of provoking, absurd references. His handwriting is loose, quick and impulsive. As for instance Ralph Cunt (AKA the Bordedom King). Hessel is a DJ/rapper who sees himself as the typical result of this non-idealistic over romanticizing generation. And there are more, like interior surfer Gilles Dodaars or Harry Tinnegieter. More and more personalities arise while being bored.


Hereby we would like to introduce the third participant of the One Day Collective X Expoplu #2: Isabelle Bisseling


Drs. Isabelle Bisseling (1987, NL) is art historian and works as a project assistant at the Kröller-Müller Museum in Otterlo. Being interested in all manifestations of art, she also works as an artist, independent curator, designer and (collection) advisor. The premise of her work and research is often ‘the strange’, because according to Isabelle the strange invites us most to investigate, discover and learn. She also believes that confronting the strange will speak to a new, more open way of thinking, which could ultimately lead to a better understanding of the world and the choices individuals make. For example, she made a study of the human experience of the colour blue, which is often related to ‘the void’. In addition to cultural and historical theories, she applied (neuro)biological facts and found they complement each other rather than contradict. An excerpt of this research was recently published in Art History Magazine Desipientia.
Collaborations: Derde Wal Nijmegen, KiK Kolderveen, ArtEZ Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, Museum Arnhem, Destination Art and Rijksmuseum Twente.

Adres Expoplu:
Van Oldenbarneveltstraat 63‑A, 6512 AT Nijmegen

Woensdag t/m zondag van 12:00 t/m 17:00 uur (gedurende tentoonstellingen)

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